Success Stories

We hope these success stories and inspirational videos of others who’ve benefited from The Rediscovery Process give you a sense of what might be possible for you too.

Paul, 30:

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‘I had been using alcohol, crack, cannabis and most other drugs since I was 13, but every time I stopped it wasn’t long before I lapsed or relapsed…

…6 months after TRP and I’m still clean and sober, I’m working now and moving to a new flat this weekend.  If TRP works on me, anyone will benefit from it – I used to have no time for life, now I haven’t enough time for living. I’m so excited about my future, I feel like a kid in a sweetshop’

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 16.07.10 ‘I’m 50 and before the TRP I’d been using heroin, crack, alcohol and load of other drugs since I was 17. I was unemployed and in and out of treatment over the years; I was slowly reducing methadone, after my last relapse… I really wanted to be off the methadone and clean, but to be honest I was a bit fearful of letting it go, it was a bit like safety net for me…

…6 months after TRP I’m now completely off the methadone script and I’ve not only reached my goal of being discharged from treatment services, but I know I’ve got the tools now to deal with those old triggers that would have made me relapse in the past, and I know I can finally stay and keep clean.’

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Quotes about Phil’s work in the field of personal change:

Astonishing, swift and simple.
The Independent

I discovered I was a genius at getting the life I love – everybody should have a chance to learn this.
Laura Mvula, MOBO award-winning artist.

I am deeply inspired by Phil Parker. His work is illuminating and practical. In Get the Life You Love, NOW he reveals what you really need to “du” to experience a life you love.
Robert Holden, author of Loveability and Shift Happens!

The results are extraordinary – seeing is believing.
Mary King, Olympic horse woman

Given that 90 per cent of doctor’s visits are the result of stress, stress-reducing techniques like the ones taught in Phil Parker’s book can be not only life-saving, but happiness- saving. With power tools aimed at helping you unravel limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you from thriving, this book is just what the doctor ordered.
Lissa Rankin MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

To live a happy life requires different attitudes as well as new skills. Phil Parker’s  provides an enjoyable and practical way to gain both. 
Robbie Steinhouse, author of Think Like an Entrepreneur, Brilliant Decision Making and How to Coach with NLP

Phil’s life-healing strategies are based upon truth and his lifetime of experience. 
Derek Mills, international speaker, mentor and author of The 10-Second Philosophy(R)

Phil’s genius is not just in helping you to connect to your own genius – if you follow his message he makes it inevitable. If you’ve ever wondered if there must be more to life than this, there is… the magic is right there between your ears. But the best news is that the way to access it is right here in your hands.
Ali Campbell, life coach, hypnotherapist and author of Just Get On With It!

Phil Parker is an expert on the mind-body connection and how to create happiness and fulfilment. His work has already achieved fantastic results with people around the world.
David Hamilton, author of Is Your Life Mapped Out?and How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body