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TRP Practitioners Around the UK

As well as Phil’s clinic in London we have a number of practitioners in the UK who offer courses, you can find details below:

Pippa Adamson photo for the website


Pippa Adamson – Bristol
Pippa’s background is in homelessness and in the Voluntary and Community Sector in Bristol. She has extensive experience of helping people develop and change their lives, and is excited to be part of The Rediscovery Process research, which she believes will help provide a new way forward in addiction work.



Hilary Allen photo for website


Hilary Allen – Bristol
Hilary has helped people to make positive changes in their lives for many years.  Her background is in Community Education, training people with mental health issues and learning difficulties. She then trained in the skills used in The Rediscovery Process, because she was intrigued by her experience of their power and effectiveness in her own life. She is now delighted to be part of the TRP team.


Fiona Finch – Bath
For the past 30 years Fiona has been working with patients and clients within health and social care as an Occupational Therapist.  She has developed her skills even further with her NLP training to masters level and is passionate about helping people make the changes they want to make to enable them to get the life they love.


nzAnthony Roberts – Carlisle and Barrow
Anthony has been involved with working on resolving addition issues with client’s in Cumbria for many year, he is also involved in training professionals who are working within this field.  He has observed that the people using The Rediscovery Process find it highly effective in helping them make quick sustainable changes, so that they start finding new solutions to the way they live their life and begin to understand how to use the TRP for a more fulfilling future.



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