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There are lots of resources available to support you and keep you immersed in the world of the TRP to sustain the changes you have made…

Your course handout – you will have been given a comprehensive course manual by your practitioner during the seminar – work through the exercises in this and use it as a refresher on the key concepts whenever you need it.

Your Core Coaching Card – you will have been given this by your practitioner on the first day of the seminar, it’s a useful reminder of the core steps of the Process so keep it with you!  Floor mats are also available (at a cost), email us if you are interested in more details.

Your Graduate Download – listen to it regularly in the first few weeks after the seminar to really cement the skills you have learnt during the 3 days; and remember to dig it out again whenever you need a refresher!  You can download it from here.

Other Support Downloads
Phil has recently created a series of downloads especially for those who have taken the TRP or the Lightning Process (for health issues):
To focus on resolving anxiety, stress and panic attacks – you can find it here…  To focus on energy and resolving fatigue – you can find it here…  To focus on boosting comfort and stopping pain – you can find it here…  Phil is working on more now, so if you have any requests please email us

Individual coaching sessions with your practitioner – 1 hour of follow up is included in your course fees so if you need help, guidance or support contact your practitioner – they are there for you!

* Phil’s Newsletter – we send out free newsletters with things of interest, tips and hints to stay on track, new resources and updates on recent press or developments etc.  If you would like to sign up, you can do so on the right of this page.

Wake up with Inspiration! – this free app is an alarm clock which wakes you up with inspirational quotes including some from Phil! Download it here

Positive reinforcement on your wall – why not get Phil’s 2015 calendar? 12 stunning photographs taken by Phil matched with an inspirational quote.  A great reminder! More information here

Podcasts – there are lots of podcasts available for free here

Phil’s books –  We would also recommend: the ‘Get the Life You Love NOW‘ book which discusses the Process as a whole in relation to happiness and success and so this is a great reminder and support for you, as well as useful for family and friends; the ‘10 Questions To Ask For Success‘ which explores being the best coach you can be for yourself; and ‘Dû – Unlock Your Full Potential With A Word‘ which looks at the concept of active and passive language in more depth – for the latest offers click here

Phil’s talks – Phil often talks about the TRP and related subjects at venues around the UK – for the latest details click here

‘Get the Life You Love’ Courses – these are ideal for family and friends who would like to know more about the training and how to use the tools; run by Phil they are a great chance to meet and work with him too!  More information here

NLP Starter Courses – Phil runs one day courses for just £95 +VAT to learn core skills in NLP to improve communication, confidence, goal setting and relationships; these are great to continue your learning from the TRP and develop your skills – for more details click here

We sometimes get asked by clients how to train as a TRP Practitioner themselves – please contact us for more information

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