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Welcome to TRP – The Rediscovery Process Research Trial- UK

Maybe you’ve noticed you’re opening a bottle of wine EVERY night, or have started to rely on drugs or alcohol to get you through the day? Whichever one it is – we can help…

We’re researching into some tools that have really helped others to kick their habits, or reduced their level of use, and so they might really help you too. And as it’s part of a London Metropolitan University School of Psychology Research programme, learning the tools is FREE, so if you fall into one of the following groups:

Mild issues with drugs and alcohol

More severe issues with drugs and alcohol

then contact us, confidentially, to find out more or take part in the research. (Please note: you need to have some issues -mild or severe- with ALCOHOL or DRUGS to take part. If you only have habits or addictions concerning other issues, food, gambling etc, unfortunately you can’t join this project.)

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The free research places are currently only available in a few locations worldwide, please choose which you can attend

Here’s some basic details about the seminars and project.

TRP is a groundbreakingly different approach to recovery from drug and alcohol overuse/misuse/abuse or addictions.

It’s a training programme that provides an alternative to the existing approaches, by helping you REDISCOVER how to get CHOICE back in your life. It is simple to understand, engaging and life changing.

At the London Metropolitan University School of Psychology we are researching into some tools that have really helped others to leave their habits behind, or reduced their level of use.

Would you like to find out how they might help you too?

We’ll arrange for you to join one of our training seminars.
You will be taught by an experienced and friendly trainer, who will teach you the skills of the program.
You will learn:
How to get back in charge of your choices around alcohol and drugs
How to coach and inspire yourself to make lasting changes
How to change your state of mind in challenging situations

There will be between 2-8 other people attending the training too.
The seminars are run over 3 consecutive days (e.g Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
You can chose to stop or reduce your level of usage – it’s up to you.
It’s suitable for both those with mild issues with drugs and alcohol and those with more severe issues with drugs and alcohol.

If you have any questions about this being right for you, then just email me back so we can have a chat.

Issues worked with

Our experienced team of practitioners have helped others get out of the trap of

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine and Crack
  • Heroin and other opiates
  • Cannabis
  • MDMA
  • Crystal Meth

and other habits and addictions and will guide and support you throughout every stage of your journey to a new future.

The Research Project

Following the promising results of the TRP pilot study a new major piece of research, a RCT, into the efficacy of TRP on sustained abstinence has received ethical approval and is currently being delivered in conjunction with London Metropolitan University, SHP in London, the Phil Parker group in London, Bristol and Bath, and Cadas in Cumbria.

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We’re currently looking for additional drug services to take part in the RCT  if you think you could help us with that please get in touch.

  • Research is valuable…

    it means we can provide free seminars to you and at the same time you'll be helping us understand more about what it takes to make change